Art Responses 4

The issue of visual plagiarism is not a new thing and, with the advent of social media (particularly Instagram), stealing other artists’ work has become far easier. The line between homage and plagiarism is very fuzzy. As explored in my previous 3 blog posts (Art Responses), I present a new set of images as an exercise on the matter. There is one obvious case of blunt plagiarism here. Can you spot it?

31. The sky is the limit

32. A World is not enough

33. It takes Balls

34. Going round in circles

35. Lights, please?

36. Copycat’s tail

37. The squares within

38. Lip service

39. Strike a pose

40. Mythical Masks

Anish Kapoor | Sarah Sze | Yornel Martínez | Bas van Wieringen | Hans Haacke | Damien Hirst | Sarah Morris | Kazimir Malevich | Jean Tinguely | Robert Smithson | Vik Muniz | Josef Albers | Daniele Torcellini | Andy Warhol | David LaChapelle | Pablo Picasso | Mario Elias Jaroud | Aztecs | Marcelo de Melo

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Visual Plagiarism

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