Art Responses

The more I look at art the more I think that there is nothing much new to say or do. I believe that the universe is kind of limited visually, and artists keep repeating things over and over again. Compositions, structures, placements, etc. Somehow, we are constrained by the limitations of the universal forces. As an example, I present below 10 pairs of works that are more than just a coincidence. It is likely that some of them are a direct response to an earlier version, and others more coincidental. This is not a new discussion in art. Art schools are now paying closer attention to visual plagiarism. However, I have not been able to actually explore it here. This blog entry is just a simple exercise on a complex matter. Are these pairs of works just coincidences or actual responses?

1. Most obvious space under a chair
A cast of the space under my chair (1968) by Bruce Nauman
Void under a chair (2007) by Rachel Whiteread


2. Political Sharks
The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living (1991) by Damien Hirst
Shark (2005) by David Černý


3. Leaning against the wall
Untitled (1982) by Giovanni Anselmo
Wall (2001) by Adriana Varejão


4. Pulsating polystyrene blocks
Strutturazione Pulsante (1959) by Gianni Colombo
Segnali dal Limite (2013) by Andrej Koruza


5. Conjoined bicycles
Four Bicycles: There is Always One Direction (1994) by Gabriel Orozco
Forever (2003) by Ai Weiwei


6. Timeless abstraction
Oplontis Floor Mosaic (100BC-AD250)
Suprematism (1915) by Kazimir Malevich


7. Pottery Sex
Sexual scene, Attic red-figured kylix (C. 470 BC) [Getty 86.AE.294]
Pot Based on 20 Year Old Collage (2006) by Grayson Perry


8. Furry cups
Object or Breakfast in Fur (1936) by Méret Oppenheim
Tropical Delight (2000) by Marcelo de Melo


9. Painting poses
The Venus of Urbino (1538) by Titian
Olympia (1865) by Édouard Manet


10. Anthropophagic thoughts
Digital StillCamera
The Thinker (1880-1904) by Auguste Rodin
Abaporu (1929) by Tarsila do Amaral

Bruce Nauman | Rachel Whiteread | Damien Hirst | David Černý | Giovanni Anselmo | Adriana Varejão | Gianni Colombo | Andrej Koruza | Gabriel Orozco | Ai Weiwei | Oplontis Kazimir Malevich | Red-figure Pottery | Grayson Perry | Méret Oppenheim | Marcelo de Melo | Titian Édouard Manet | Auguste Rodin | Tarsila do Amaral


Visual Plagiarism

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