Art Responses 3

As mentioned in my previous posts (Art Responses), looking at art is interesting, particularly noticing how some artists keep referencing previous artworks, or bluntly copying them. It is a way of adding further insight to old ideas or simply repeating forms and techniques. I believe that there are some physical constraints that can never be overcome. Is the universe so limited visually that artists keep repeating things over and over again? Compositions, structures, placements, etc. Here, I present another set of works for comparison. Some of them are more coincidental then others. However, in some cases the connection is far too obvious. Note that this post is simply an exercise…


21. Modulated Sunlight
Sunset n.1 (1906) by Jean Metzinger
Landscape with Disc (1907) by Robert Delaunay


22. Charged Copy
High Voltage Painting (1965) by Martial Raysse
Raysse High Voltage Painting (1965) by Elaine Sturtevant


23. Piss-taking
Fountain (1917) By Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, officially attributed to Marcel Duchamp
Fountain, after Marcel Duchamp (1991) by Sherrie Levine


24. Wrist Action
Number 32 (1949) by Jackson Pollock
Portrait of V.I. Lenin with Cap, in the Style of Jackson Pollock III 1980 by Art & Language (Michael Baldwin; Mel Ramsden) born 1945, born 1944
Portrait of V.I. Lenin with Cap, in the Style of Jackson Pollock III (1980) by Art & Language


25. Internal Logic
Penske Project: Open Door (1998) by Gabriel Orozco
Inner Politics (2012) by Marcelo de Melo


26. Sculptural Corners
Felt Corner (1963) by Joseph Beuys
Untitled (1964) by Robert Morris


27. Dark Portraits
Marilyn Monroe (1986) by Andy Warhol
Edward Snowden (2014) by Ai Weiwei


28. Embroidered Pain
Empty Man (1991) by Leonilson
Just Like Nothing (2009) by Tracey Emin


29. Crockery Collage
Matilha (2012) by Barrão
Tea for tous la caille (2019) by Afranio Fonseca


30. flotation Tanks
Two Ball Total Equilibrium Tank (1985) by Jeff Koons
Away from the Flock 1994 by Damien Hirst born 1965
Away from the Flock (1994) by Damien Hirst


Jean Metzinger | Robert Delaunay | Martial Raysse | Elaine Sturtevant | Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven | Marcel Duchamp | Sherrie Levine | Jackson Pollock | Art & Language | Gabriel Orozco | Marcelo de Melo | Joseph Beuys | Robert Morris | Andy Warhol | Ai Weiwei | Leonilson | Tracey Emin | Barrão | Afranio Fonseca | Jeff Koons | Damien Hirst

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