Frozen Canals

This week I had the opportunity to go ice skating in Amsterdam. The canals were frozen for the first time since 2012. No-one was expecting it so close to Spring time. A great surprise! Ice skating on the canals is great fun and I had a blast!

Despite being from the tropics, I am quite good at winter sports such as skiing and ice skating. I love spending time outdoors whenever the weather allows me to.

Ice skating on frozen canals and lakes can be dangerous, and it is good to know a few basic things before you adventure:

First of all, make sure that the ice is thick enough. Check the internet for appropriate locations. Refrain from ice skating alone. Be careful under bridges where the ice is usually thinner. Areas close to bushes, trees and vegetation can also be dangerous, as well as spots close to the edge of unfrozen water. Mind debris on the ice such as twigs, stones, bricks and other things. Colour changes usually mean different ice thickness. If you are alone, it is advisable to have a whistle with you. Anyway, if you stick with places where there are people skating, it should be fine. Just join the fun!

On the ice
Bridge between Lijnbaansgracht and Reguliersgracht
Reguliersgracht (7 bridges)
On the edge (ice and vegetation)
Frozen twigs
Colour change (thinner ice)
Emerging cracks

Canals of Amsterdam

Ice skating


3 thoughts on “Frozen Canals

    1. 😉 Yes, the canals freeze over from time to time, but no-one ice skate to work. The weather vindicated her somehow. Hopefully, it won’t take so long for the canals to freeze again. Thanks, Becky, for your comment.

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