Art 2017 My Top 10

In 2017, I had the opportunity to visit many art exhibitions in several countries. I came across a large number of artworks and I decided to share here my top 10 favourites. However, the experience of these works is impossible to convey through photographs. They are extremely engaging and unique in their materiality.

1. Light Matters by ACTLD at Amsterdam Light Festival 2017

Light Matters (2017) [view 1]
Light Matters [view 2]
2. Béla Tarr’s Tree installation, Till the end of the World at EYE Filmmuseum

Béla Tarr’s Installation (2017) [tree]
Béla Tarr’s Installation [behind the fan]
3Party in a Color Haze by Cody Choi, Korean Pavilion at Venice Biennale 2017

Party in a Color Haze (2017) [glass disco installation]
Party in a Color Haze [detail]
4. Meteorieten by Marinus Boezem at Oude Kerk, Amsterdam

Meteorieten (2016) [view from up above]
Meteorieten [shattered mirror]
5Forms in Space…by Light (in Time) by Cerith Wyn Evans at Tate Britain

Forms in Space…by Light (in Time) (2017) [partial view]
Forms in Space…by Light (in Time) [detail]
Forms in Space…by Light (in Time) [detail]
6Blocka Flats by Richard Wilson, Stealing Space at Annely Juda Fine Art, London

Blocka Flats (2017) [front]
Blocka Flats [top]
7World Lace by Isabel Ferrand at Boijmans Van Beuningen‎, Rotterdam

World Lace (2013)

World Lace [detail]
8. Leo Vroegindeweij’s No Title at Amsterdam ArtZuid 2017

No Title (2017)

9. Wüstung by Lois Weinberger, Natural Histories at MUMOK, Vienna

Wüstung (2016)

Wüstung [detail]
10. Matylda Tracewska’s Untitled at GAeM Prize Exhibition 2017, Ravenna

Untitled (2017)

ACTLD | Amsterdam Light Festival | Béla Tarr | EYE Filmmuseum | Cody Choi | Venice Biennale | Marinus Boezem | Oude Kerk | Cerith Wyn Evans | Tate Britain | Richard Wilson | Annely Juda | Isabel Ferrand | Boijmans van Beuningen | Leo Vroegindeweij | ArtZuid | Lois Weinberger | MUMOK | Matylda Tracewska | GAeM

2 thoughts on “Art 2017 My Top 10

  1. Interesting choices. A lot of works with light (and I agree!) The lace seems very beautiful and with a meaning of connections between all people around the world. The work of Matylda Tracewska seems magic. Thanks for sharing, Marcelo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment…
      Yes, light is very important in the resolution of many of these works. However, I don’t think that light is the main concern. For instance, what is great about Béla Tarr’s Installation is the wind, but photographs don’t show it. Cody Choi’s music selection is also what makes the work more interesting. Ultimately, without light there is no visual arts.


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